We’re not following the herd when it comes to property investing.


We’ll share the good and the bad of all things property. What we say and what you see is what you get!


We believe that people are what makes a property business. That is why when it comes to managing properties, we want tenants to know that we care about them and the homes they live in.

Welcome to GLAS TIGER

We believe that the Cardiff rental market has a large space for ‘high end’ rental properties, be that single homes or rooms in shared houses. Our mission is to make sure all the rental stock we bring to market makes people feel like they are living in their own home, rather than just a ‘house’. Every property we bring to the market is designed with the end user in mind. Raising the standard of rental properties in Cardiff one property at a time.
We specialise in the HMO market and believe that a well thought-out design helps the house mates bond, resulting in them being happier and staying for longer!

We don’t follow the herd when it comes to properties!

Our Values

Authentic, Honest & Transparent

A Zero bullsh*t policy
Sharing the good and the bad, we’re an open and honest business that is trusted by investors and customers.. We share information with people openly and accurately wherever we can.
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People Centric

We believe that the whole property world only works with people. If you don’t have good people around then success will be difficult. Everyone should be treated fairly and with respect. All our properties are designed with how people will live in them!

Innovate & Develop

Continually look for ways to innovate and develop the way we provide houses for people. Provide a supportive place for the people who work for Glas Tiger to grow and develop. Stay up to date with the legislation in the market we work in. Look to improve systems to help improve the running of the business. Stay up to date with changing demands and markets to ensure we deliver the best product for our customers.